Tina Cornfield Mortgage, Protection & General Insurance Adviser

Tina Cornfield has worked in the mortgage industry for over twenty-five years and is very passionate about what she does. Her desire for operating a professional personal service, which means the customer is at the core of the business is the reason why, back in February of 2009, she set up Complete Financial Centre. Tina wanted people to call and deal with the same people and believe and know that they were important and to be dealt with, ‘with respect, the time they deserved and genuine understanding of what they were looking to achieve’ the testimonials she has received over the many years, confirm that this does happen and she has achieved that aim.  Her business focuses on mortgages, protection and general insurance as Tina believes this is what the ‘mortgage journey’ is all about and ensures that her customers have had the correct advice, to enable them to make excellent informed decisions based on their income and circumstances, so that not only do they have the right mortgage, but they have the right protection to cover them and family or whoever is very important to them, so that whatever the unexpected may throw at them, (because as we all know life can throw us the unexpected) they will be protected as much as their budget and circumstances will allow.

When Tina was nineteen years old she spent a period of time working within the medical profession, which gave her an insight into how long-term illness can impact people from all walks of life, and realised that there is little to no warning in so many cases, this experience had a lasting impact, and when Tina came to set up her own business, it further enforced her opinion on protection and how important this product is.  Tina saw the benefit that it could have, and can demonstrate how important these types of products are, but in her words it is   a minefield and these products need to be explained clearly and properly and tailored to each individual and for that you need a good understanding of peoples circumstances and requirements and the different products available.

When starting her business Tina believed that customers should come first, and ensuring that they understand the process and are supported throughout was an absolute priority. 

Tina and Claire (who is the Office Administrator/Manager) keep in touch with all of the  clients throughout the entire process, updating them in whatever format they prefer, whether that be via text, email or phone, she ensures that they know what is happening and understand the process. Furthermore, even after everything has been completed, Tina and Claire keep in touch with their clients on an annual basis with any information that is relevant to their particular policy and also call them at the end of their special mortgage rates to make them aware that their mortgage is soon to come to an end which allows people not to suddenly find themselves on a much higher rate, which would mean a much higher monthly payment and potentially could be unaffordable.

On a personal note, Tina likes helping people, therefore finds a great deal of enjoyment in her work as she knows that she is always offering people the best possible advice and tries to make what can be an exceptionally difficult and stressful process as easy as it can be. She has built her business from nothing, and over the years gained a very loyal customer basis with repeat business and referrals, all of which speaks very highly of her service.

Complete Financial Centre is based in Norwich; however, they have clients from across the United Kingdom, and are always willing to help. If you wish to get in touch, please see our contact us page.

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We understand that people have busy lives, and therefore are very flexible in our approach. Advice can be given over the phone, or face to face. Whichever the customer prefers. We aim to ensure that each and every one of our clients are completely happy. Personally, we feel the biggest compliment is when our clients introduce friends, family or business colleagues to us. With that in mind we really do hope that you are confident that we have your best interests at heart.