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Did you know buying a house is normally the biggest financial commitment you will ever make, but often people are more concerned with insuring their car and will pay more a month when it is worth a lot less! This is the place where you spend most of your time, keep all your clothes, jewellery, possessions and make memories that you keep in a safe place. When you get a mortgage, it is a condition of your offer that you have adequate Buildings insurance.  

When you take Buildings and Contents this will help protect yourself and your home if you were to have a fire, flood, burglary, or subsidence and if you choose the right cover it will cover you if you having an accident like for example dropping your iPad.

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The Jargon

  • Buildings insurance – This covers the structure of the property from fire, flooding subsidence, heave or landslip and in the event of a burglary
  • Contents Insurance – This covers all the cover in your home from furniture, clothes, electrical equipment, toys. Just think if your house burnt down tomorrow all that would be left is what you stand up in.
  • Accidental Damage – This is like the fully comprehensive option on your car insurance, it will cover you for accidents such as if you put your foot through the ceiling, spill paint on your carpet or drop your iPad! This is an option on both Buildings and Contents
  • Excess – This is the amount you pay if you were to claim. Often there is different excesses for burglary or escape of water and subsidence.
  • Personal Possessions - This is cover for items taken outside the home and covers jewellery, money, phones etc
  • Legal Cover – This will give you access to legal advice in the event of needing to claim compensation due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, employment issues or neighbour disputes
  • Home Emergency – This will help with the costs of a tradesman who would deal with an emergency such as broken boiler and  electrical issues.  It will cover the costs up to a certain level, but it will not cover general wear and tear and you must have your boiler serviced annually.
  • No Claims Discount – You accumulate this each year you do not claim helping to decrease your premium.

Landlords Insurance

This will cover the Buildings like a standard policy; except this is specialist insurance and has additional extras and you can have contents too.

  • Malicious Damage – If the tenants damage your property or contents intentionally
  • Loss of Rent – This is where the tenant is not paying the rent and guarantees the rent of a certain amount subject to criteria for a fixed period.
  • Legal Cover – This will help with evicting the tenants if all the relevant checks are completed.

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