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Welcome to Complete Financial Centre Limited

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

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We offer a full range of mortgage and protection services. See below for some of our most popular.

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    Mortgages are loans which are intended to help buyers purchase residential property. When you take o...

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    There are events we can all face that have the potential to wreck lives and families. It’s a diffi...

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    Business Protection

    Every business needs to protect itself. For most businesses the most valuable asset it has is its pe...

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    Buildings and Contents

    Did you know buying a house is normally the biggest financial commitment you will ever make, but oft...


Mortgage & protection advisers located in Norwich

Mortgage & protection advisers located in Norwich

Welcome to Complete Financial Centre Ltd

Contact us now and see how our friendly service and know-how can help ensure you get the right mortgage to enable the purchase of a new home, a property to let or simply to re-mortgage your existing property.

A mortgage is a large financial transaction and we are here to make sure you get it right and help ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

As mortgage brokers we have access to a comprehensive range of UK mortgages and re-mortgage products from many different lenders across the market. Once we understand your individual circumstances and needs, we will be able to research the mortgage market and recommend the most suitable mortgage deal for you. As part of our service, we will deal with the lender on your behalf, taking the stress out of the process for you.

We can also help ensure you have the right insurance and protection in place to cover you and your home.

So, if you are looking for a mortgage, please call us today on 01603 901520 or email us at and we'll be pleased to help you.

Cycle of Life

Cycle of Life

The cycle of life usually starts with you buying your first home or having a child. As everyone’s circumstances change their cycle of life begins to evolve along side the need for protection becomes more important. This is where we can help you through this journey.

  • Buying First Home

    When you buy your first home together it is always a good idea to look at protection, because if anything were to happen to one of you it could mean that you lost your home!  The reason being is that in many cases affording to pay the mortgage on one person’s income is very often not possible.  It is also important to note and add that if you weren’t married you could also lose your home, as the remaining part of the house could go to your partners previous family if they had one and were still married to their ex.

  • Getting married

    This is the time that you would want to ensure that you have something in place for your loved ones as you are starting out on a new life together (it is important to ensure that everything is in your new names).

  • Having children

    This is the start of a new beginning which could involve moving home to ensure you have more room for a growing family and also importantly checking that the protection you have is sufficient for not only you, but also any children you may have, as your needs and priorities will have now have changed.

  • Protecting children

    When you look at protection it is always worth getting Children’s Cover added as an extra in case anything were to happen to them and you needed to take time off to care for them should they became seriously ill as otherwise you may lose your income.

  • Protecting family

    We have many ways to do this from Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Family Income Benefit Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Private Medical Insurance. This way we know we are always protecting our family.  We all protect our homes, cars, TV’s, and Pets, but the most important thing is to protect ourselves as without a way to earn an income, then many of the things that you do want to ensure become impossible as there is no income to pay for these extra insurances.

  • Elderly parent with grandchildren

    As we get older our priorities change and a lot of us hope to have retired. This is when we start helping our children so that they can go to work and further their career.  Plus also hopefully we get a bit of time to enjoy ourselves.  This is why owning your own home and having the best protection in place will not only help now but can also help in the future.


Request a Call Back

Request a Call Back



See What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Karen & Carly S.

Tina has been brilliant, she's really helpful and knowledgable about new products, she has my complete faith.

Brian and Michelle

We received the most amazing Service. From viewing the house to completion only took 4-5 weeks totally amazed!

Tina was great with her recommendations and advice and Claire was super support. We were continually updated on what was happening and informed of any positive progress. The recommended solicitor was great and so lovely to work with. Thank you, Tina + Claire for everything. Totally recommend you to anyone needing help.

Matthew and Kathryn

I have used Completed Financial Center for many years now for our mortgage and life insurance needs. We had a rental property and our main home mortgage, Complete Financial have always helped me get the best deals out there when it was time to renew or re mortgage.

Recently I wanted to remortgage our home and Tina and Claire both helped us source the best deal for our requirements. The mortgage was complex but with their help, perseverance and sheer determination we managed to re mortgage our property.

Tina and Claire have always gone above and beyond to help us with all our needs. They are flexible with weekend or evening calls to make the process easier. Their communication is fantastic, every step of the way through our mortgage process I was informed.

I can't thank, both Tina and Claire for all their help over many years and in particular our most recent complex re mortgage.

I would highly recommend using Complete Financial Center and I would not use anyone else.

Brian & Michelle W

We received the most amazing services. From viewing the house to completion only took 4.5 weeks, totally amazed !

Tina was great with her recommendation and advice and Claire was Super Support. We were constantly updated as to what was happening, and informed of any further progress. The recommended solicitor was great and so lovely to work with. Thank you Tina & Claire for everything. Totally recommend you to anyone needing help.

Kieren W


I wasn't even sure I was eligible  for a re-mortgage after my bank rejected my previous enquiries on the matter

Tina, who dealt with my request was extremely helpful and walked me through every step of the process as clearly as possible and made the entire re-mortgage as stress-free and ultimately cheap as possible.

Thank you so much ! I'm extremely thankful !


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